A brief note, we have a D group!

The Spring Series proceeds apace. All fields are filling, and we've got a partial fix for that.

D Class

This isn't a "novice race" per se. If you haven't raced or done our Learn to Race program, you are expected to do so. The D race is for slow Cat 4s, the majority of the women's field, and (in most cases) Citizen-licensed riders. It will start at 12:10 pm on race days, and registration is open now.

Racing classes explained

As a side effect of the extreme popularity of racing, especially in Group B, we've created more coherent group settings, and we will enforce them more strictly (though at our discretion). Assume that if you do well in a group for very long, you will find yourself upgraded. Conversely, the chip timing tells us who got dropped and when: if it was you, and you didn't get a flat, expect to be pointed at a slower group.

Spring Series, last minute important notes

Whoa, you people are just crazy, CRAZY for March racing! We need to sort out a few things with the Novice program and the "C" group especially:

Novice Program

We are overwhelmed by the response to our Novice program. The first session has sold out! We will try to make room for more people in subsequent sessions; registration for the next two is now open (scroll down that page to see the reg links). Novice riders should plan to start their session at 11:00 on race day, so that means signing in around 10:30 at the registration desk. On LTR2 days, you can expect to get on course for your mock race a bit later, but please be ready to roll out at 11.

C Group

Holy moly there are a lot of you this year. We have an unprecedented number of pre-registrants in all categories, but especially C. Given historic trends, we could see up to 100 C riders for the first race.

Spring Series updates: USA, A-OK, and others.

Only in America, or possibly Canada, can you race with a USCF domestic license.

What's that you say? It's true! You'll need a $12 day-of insurance policy from Cycling BC (available at the race, and maybe online if we get our act together) and you can race with a USCF license.

Other news: we've corrected at least one error on the Spring Series calendar, so it shows the right dates and locations for all races. We'll get the usual course maps and such up shortly (sure...). See that pretty sample race number to the right? It's made of cloth, and you'll be able to use it for both Spring Series, the Stage Race, and WTNC. A single number fee will get you the number and a timing chip. Chips will be mandatory for racing this year; we'll have zip ties for free, and also some nice rubber mounts for purchase. Get the mount: it's sweet.

We're hiring an MTB coach. You know, for kids!

Position: DEVO MOUNTAIN BIKE Head Coach

Escape Velocity’s DEVO youth and junior program is looking for a mountain bike program head coach for its mountain bike program. The right individual must have a passion for coaching youth and mountain biking and able to meet the challenge of developing first rate youth cycling program.

The DEVO Mountain Bike program serves riders in the Lower Mainland who are focused on gaining the necessary skills and experience to be competitive racers in the endurance-related disciplines of the mountain biking. The athletes in the program range in age from 10-17.

The successful candidate will have NCCP coaching certification or be working towards certification and be a self-starter with experience in developing program and practices incorporating fitness, technical skill and racing skill elements.

Effective Date: April 1, 2015

Employer: Escape Velocity p/b Catalyst Kinetics
Position: DEVO Mountain Bike Head Coach
Type: Part-Time
Salary: Commensurate with experience

2015 Spring Series, Stage Race dates

What's that you say? 2015 Spring Series dates are ready, and it's not even Hanukkah yet? It's an Advent Miracle!

The Spring Series, Canada's most overly-competitive Equinox-straddling road racing series, is back in the Fraser Valley for another great year.

We've decided to make it more trying by adding time trials: four of them, on select Sundays, after the road race is done. We hope new racers especially will take the chance to use these TTs as a gentle introduction to the sport. You can enter the road race or the TT, but if you make it a Combo of Suffering, the TT costs only $10 extra!

We also have dates and deets for our DEVO Stage Race. EV Cares, so this year's race will feature less gravel and more sunshine. The new race dates are May 9 & 10, which our crack astrologers assure us is nowhere near Winter. Dress accordingly.