World Tuesday Night Championships 2012 Wrap up

(If you have prizes owing to you from this year's WTNC or Spring Series, read more.)

We've come to the end of another year's edition of The World Tuesday Night Championships, and we did it without having an organizational meltdown, incurring a lawsuit, peeling someone off the hood of a car, or breaking up a fist fight. Maybe I've set the bar too low, but that's a successful event in my books!

Spring Series July 29: Atomic!

That's right folks, the Spring Series can't be contained by a single season anymore! Or even two seasons, since those early March races were actually in the Winter.

The Spring Series! A three-season series of amazing racing! Now with more Atomic! Sunday, July 29!

Our very good friends at Coastal Race Club are hosting a race at the beloved Atomic Road Race course out in Abbotsford (it may actually be in Aldergrove. I have a bit of a geography problem. I have gotten lost during closed-course races. Multiple times. The map of Atomic is here.)

There are three crucial things you should know if you want to race this race: it has an earlier start than usual (Elite Men at 9 AM, Citizens at 10, everyone else in between); the categories are not just ABC (Women and Masters will get separate scoring, if not separate starts); and entry is by pre-registration only.

There is one crucial thing you should know if you do not want to race this race: you are wrong.

See you there,