Young Women's Cycling Camp 2012: make the leap from rider to racer

click for full poster with textEscape Velocity Cycling Club and dEVo are proud to present our 2012 Young Women’s Cycling Camp, starting on August 6th.

This program is designed to help young women (15-25) make the transition from bicycle enthusiast to skilled cyclist. Participants will learn about all the major road disciplines, including Track, and Road cycling skills. They will also learn the principles of cycling in a group and cycling-specific cross training. Your ringleader will be Lisa Howard.

Past program participants include:

  • Jasmin Glaesser - 2 Time World Championship medalist and Olympic medal hopeful -"Whether you are looking to pick up a new hobby, get into shape, or pursue your athletic potential, this program will help you get started! There are amazing opportunities for female cyclists, you just have to jump on a bike and get rolling!"
  • Jenny Lehmann - Winner - Whistler GranFondo 2011
  • Morgan Cabot - Winner - Race the Ridge Stage Race 2012

    So it's a pretty good program! If you're interested, we have more info here, or you can email Lisa,, to sign up or ask questions.

  • dEVo BMX: home of world-class competitors

    [This weekend will see a rider from right here in British Columbia compete in the highest levels of cycling competition over in Europe. What? Ryder Hesda-wha? No no no! We mean dEVo BMX's own Jeannie Mansell, and I'll turn it over to her to tell her story. -the web nerd]

    So what is BMX racing? This was the first question I asked a co-worker who had recommended it for a little boy I knew. His explanation did not include ladies 30-plus years old racing a bicycle around a track that would scare the life out of someone who ought to know better! I started hanging around a BMX race track in 2007 – no I am not 16 – far from it! Add at least 3 decades and that would be more my age! The first year my role was a mentor to a young boy trying to find a sport that satisfied his need for speed and his desire to be “good at something”. Once he mastered the ins and outs of the race gate and knew where to be and how it should all work, I was no longer needed and looked for another role.