WTNC update

WTNC will be at Glenlyon Business Park Burnaby on June 10th. We are still working on UBC. Pray to the tarmac gods or your deity of choice please.

Sportif at 10 Saturday, WTNC at Glenlyon Tuesday

OK, a few quick fixes here.

The web guy got excited and put "10:00" for the Sportif start some places, and "10:30" other places. Tomorrow's race starts at 10:00 AM at Thunderbird Show Park. It's great. We'll fix the Sportif page shortly, and give the web guy a 30 minute time penalty in the results.

WTNC at UBC, we try, we really do! There's construction and traffic permit issues that will be sorted out very soon, but not Tuesday-soon. So next Tuesday's race (happy Sexto de Mayo!) will be at Glenlyon. We will be week-to-week with the schedule until we can get this sorted out; as always, watch the @evcycling feed for the latest news, including rainouts.

Thanks for your patience, we'll try to be less messed up by next week.

WTNC Is Go! Sportif, uh...

Sorry folks, due to a lack of volunteers to run this weekend's Sportif race in Aldergrove, we have to cancel it.

If you pre-registered, you will get a refund shortly.

So that means our next race is on April 29, with the special early kick-off for the WTNC this year. First race is at Glenlyon in Burnaby, then UBC next week. Next Sportif is May 5, and thanks to the good people at Glotman-Simpson Cycling, we are all volunteered up for that day.

Our volunteer czar, Wilson, is still looking for warm bodies to fill out his Sportif rosters, so please fill out his form.

Remember: only you can prevent race cancellations. Only you.

WTNC Is Go! Sportif is Go!

Of course it is. Think we'd break 30 years of heritage?

New for 2014, we're starting the first race April 29, because we're excited.

This year, the series alternates between the Glenlyon (Burnaby) & UBC courses each week. Note that the race start times are particular to each course, so your event may have a different start time at UBC and Glenlyon (because of the differences in the courses, we run longer races, 3 waves, and 2 start times at Glenlyon).

In order to serve us better, price is now a still-pretty-good $10/race. Gotta pay for the van somehow.

The Race Book is still being updated, season pass pricing is getting sorted out, but the schedule is online now, at our glorious WTNC page.

PS: Sportif #1 is Easter Weekend, the race format is virtually identical to our Spring Series races, and you use the same number and timing chip. See you there.