Sportif: TTT Cancelled; We Want You

So, it is with some regret that we announce we are cancelling the scheduled TTT on August 3, due to a lack of a co-host volunteer group.

In related news, we're looking for co-hosts for our next two races, on August 4 and August 24. Please step up and help us help you make the races happen!

If you'd like to step up, we're looking for a team of 5-10 volunteers for each day, no experience necessary, we will teach you everything. For more info, contact

Some easier riding, and some harder riding!

OK you bike racers, go race Superweek. WTNC gets the week off next week so you can race in the UBC GP, which don't forget, has a Cat 3/4 race, so go race in it. Don't forget about the weekend crits in Delta and White Rock, too.

In other news, in addition to the current club ride, we have added an easier ride now, in concert with our lovely shop sponsor, Bicycle Sports Pacific. Details on the "B" club ride are now on our club rides page, but it's Saturday at 9:15, leaves from BSP downtown, and will be an easier no-drop ride for beginners and those who don't want to ride at "A" ride pace.

Sportif & Young Women & WTNC & Awesome

So don't forget, there's a Sportif this weekend, co-hosted by our friends from the valley, Phoenix Velo. You can register online now.

Also note, the Young Women's Cycling project has moved to August, it's a fantastic way for women aged 16-25 to get into bike racing (or just riding faster), and you can also register online now.

And weather permitting, the WTNC returns to the Glenlyon course on Tuesday, after a fabulously smooth first event.

Somewhere, in between planning all these events, a few EVers managed to train and race. Result? Colin Campbell, racing Masters 3/4, won the Queen stage of the Mt Hood Cycling Classic, and finished fourth on GC. Nice!

WTNC - how to race crits!

We're back!

(Photo by Doug Brons. More WTNC pix.)

After weeks of agony, we got a new course to race at, and it is beautiful. And we'd like to point out some good news.

Good Decisions

On their final lap, the Cat 1/2 pack risked sprinting into the back of one of the lesser groups, still on course. They elected as a group to go around one more time, and shouted this at the start officials.

Good choice! They got a clean finishing sprint (won by dEVo's own Trevor Pearson), and nobody was hurt. We salute this good behavior.

Other packs were generally safe, although the 4s do need to be wary of getting too squirrelly when the pack bunches up. We had a few close-ish calls, all of which resolved themselves without incident.


We got approval for the Burnaby course! Weather permitting, first race is June 18, which is tomorrow!

The Glenlyon course runs along North Fraser Way and Glenlyon Parkway. Sign-on is at the start/finish, about halfway down Glenlyon Parkway. Some street parking is available (outside of the course only, please, not the inside circuit we're using for the race) but don't park in the businesses lots. As always, riding your bike is a good idea.

Other important changes:

Start Times

Cat 1/2, 3, and 4 will all start, as three separate groups, at 7:15 pm. We changed this from last notice, because we're going to run a short Youth race at 7:00. This is earlier for 1/2, later for 3 and 4. The benefit is we can run longer races. The 1/2s will get a 45-minute race, and the 3s and 4s will also get longer races. The 6:30 categories (Women 1/2/3; Women 4; Novice Men) continue to start at 6:30. In practice, the earlier races will also be a bit longer.