Concussion Awareness Training Tool

Managing risk is part of riding a bicycle, where it's in a sanctioned race or whether it's a Sunday cruise on the Sea Wall. The use of a certified helmet is part of this risk management strategy, but injuries may still occur. The Concussion Awareness Training Toolkit(s) are meant to educate athletes, parents, and coaches about managing injury and recovery.


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How a concussion is handled in the minutes, hours and days after injury can signifcantly influence the extent of damage and recovery from this brain injury.




  • Need to understand what a concussion is and how it occurs
  • Need to understand what the symptoms are
  • Need to understand the importance of acknowledging a potential concussion


  • Are central to the management of their child’s concussion recovery
  • Are responsible for monitoring their child on a day-to-day basis
  • Are responsible for seeking medical attention for their child
  • Are responsible for ensuring their child follows recommended treatment