Club Rides

Escape Velocity offers a variety of different ride options that are tailored to different fitness and experience levels. Details of our rides are subject to change seasonally, and routes or ride formats may also be adjusted in light of weather. Please consult the EV Calendar for up to date information.

New riders & guests:

If you are interested in joining EV and are a newcomer or guest on one of our group rides, there are some things you need to know before turning up:

  • Please contact us if you have questions about the club.
  • All new members will be required to participate in at least one Saturday BSP ride before joining regular club rides. This step ensures that all newcomers have the required fitness level and group riding skills to participate safely. Details about the Saturday BSP rides will be available on the EV calendar.
  • If you're ready to go, we invite you to try us out for a maximum of two regular Saturday rides to determine whether our club is a match for you. After that, we encourage you to sign up for club membership or continue your search for right club.
  • Any rider who is participating in an EV ride as a non-member is also required to complete a waiver. No waiver, no ride. No exceptions.

When participating in a group ride, our friendly ride leaders will help you out and provide reminders and instruction while on the road. Even if you have group ride experience from another club or organization, please listen to and obey our ride leaders as every club may do things slightly differently. Our goal is to provide a safe and fun experience for everybody on the road


Our Rides:


Saturday "A" Ride

The regular Saturday club ride caters to mid-level riders (e.g., Cat 1-4) who are EV members with solid group riding experience and who have an interest in training and a commitment to gradual fitness improvement. 

Start Time: Saturday morning (starting April 1, 2017)

  • 8:30AM

Ride time is between 3 - 5 hours.

Meeting Point: Musette Caffe. 1325 Burrard Street.

Route: During the summer, our Saturday ride route will vary. It could be the North Shore, up Highway 99 towards Lion's Bay, Buntzen Lake/Belcarra, or the Richmond Loop. May include a coffee stop.

Pace: 32-35 km/h rolling pace, (3 hrs) with a few sections of structured drills. These sections will be identified by the ride leader at the start of the ride and before the drills begin.

This is a DROP ride, though in practice, we will regroup after hills and for mechanicals.

Saturday "B" Ride

Start Time: Saturday morning 8:30AM Ride time is between 1.5 - 3hours.

Meeting Point: Musette Caffe. 1325 Burrard Street.

Route: During the summer, our Saturday ride route will vary. It could be the North Shore, up Highway 99 towards Lion's Bay, Buntzen Lake/Belcarra, or the Richmond Loop. Usually includes a coffee stop.

Pace: 27-30 km/h rolling pace.

This is a NO DROP ride meaning we will ride together as a group. This is a great ride for those starting out in group rides or who do not have the time to commit to a longer ride. It is chill and social.

Saturday BSP Ride

This ride is the best choice for riders looking to gain confidence and skills and a mellower pace in a no-drop setting. Part instruction, skills practice and road riding, the emphasis will be on cycling safely and structured pack pacelines from NCCP-certified cycling coach Barb Morris.

This ride has finished for the year. Please stay tuned for details for next season.

Weekday Rides

EV also organizes weekday rides for established members, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday night, depending on the season.  Details on the EV Calendar.

Team Training Rides

EV's coaches also coordinate regular rides each week for our Cannondale Team (U17/U19) and for our Devo Team.

Winter Riding

From September until the end of February, fenders with proper extension flaps are mandatory on all club rides.

If you drop in on a ride without a proper fenders, our ride leaders will kindly ask you to sit at the back of the group and give you a gentle reminder to come prepared the following week. Riders who show up without fenders after being reminded will be asked not to come back until they have complied.

Extension flaps should be no more than 3” from the ground. A (tongue-in-cheek) visual guide:


Group Ride Etiquette Skills and Signals:

Stick to the Plan

What sets EV group rides apart is that they incorporate training structure designed by professional coaches to work on skills and fitness (Don’t worry, they are still fun!).  Some parts of our rides have particular drills and pace recommendations that work on a specific skill or energy system. It is important that riders follow the plan.  Ride leaders will announce the plan at the beginning of the ride and again before we are to begin a specific drill.  If you aren’t sure as to what is happening just ask a ride leader.

Ride Predictably and Safely

Alway remember that when riding in a group every rider must take responsibility for the safety those around them.  Behave predictably and indicate your intentions.  Try and avoid sudden braking or swerving.  Always, use hand signals to point out hazards, obstacles, and turns well in advance

Group Riding Basics and Hand Signals

With the exception of the announced drills and sections announced by ride leaders, the rest of the ride should maintain a steady rolling pace and avoid sudden surges, accelerations, or decelerations.

EV group rides usually roll in a double paceline. When the road narrows and you hear “single up!” it is time to switch to a single paceline. Rotation off the front of the group is as illustrated.


Two riders should stop to help if a rider suffers a mechanical. If you are the last rider in the group and you see someone get dropped, stop and offer to pace them back up to the group at the next regroup point.



Signal and yell to alert the riders behind you that you are stopping or slowing.


Signal by waving your hand behind your back in the direction you wish to move in order to avoid obstacles ahead.


Point out hazards and obstacles in the road if you are at the head of the paceline and steer the group around it.

Pull Through

A gentle flick of the elbow indicates that you want the next rider(s) to pull through.


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