DEVO Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does my child need a racing bike to start I need a bike?

A: Not necessarily, we have a fleet of loaner bikes that we can lend to a child during a trial period.


Q: Can my child try the program to see if they they like it before joining?

A: Yes! Riders are welcome to try three sessions at no cost before deciding whether they’d like to join.


Q: How do I know what size clothing to order for my child?

A: Our parent clothing coordinator can arrange a fitting to help decide what you need.


Q: What is expected from parents and kids in terms of volunteering?

A: While it isn’t compulsory, volunteering in some capacity for the club is highly encouraged.  There are ongoing roles that need volunteers along with opportunities to volunteer at a specific event or for short period.  The club is active in providing it riders with volunteering opportunities to fulfill their schools requirements


Q: I’ve seen some of your riders at local racers and they are really skilled and fast, I’m nervous my child won’t be able to keep up.

A: Yes, our fastest riders are very skilled and fit but all of them had to start somewhere! Our experience tells us that a new child that is a reasonable athlete can be integrated into the group in about 6 weeks.  


Q: How much travel is involved?

A: At no age group is there a expected level of commitment that requires a specific amount of travel.  For u13 and u15 riders that are very dedicated and race in multiple disciplines, parents could expect to travel to a race 1 or 2 times per month outside of the lower mainland to Vancouver Island, The Interior or Washington State.  Some kids in these age groups won’t travel at all beyond the lower mainland to events.

For the U17 and U19 groups, travel for dedicated riders takes them further afield.  Parents can expect to travel to a race 1 or 2 times per month outside of the lower mainland to Vancouver Island, The Interior or Washington State.  In some cases, high performing athletes in these age groups will travel to Eastern Canada and abroad to attend important events.  Travel is in some cases with the child while in other the team will arrange trips with a coach and chaperone.  Similar to the younger riders some riders in these groups may choose to only race and train locally.


Q: We can’t make it to all the practices during the week. Is that ok?

A: We don’t have a hard and fast rule on this however we do recommend that for a rider to see skill and fitness progression along with build social cohesion within the group that a child come to an average of two practices per week.  


Q: Is there financial aid?

A: Yes.  We offer a few different forms of aid through our Future Riders, Fallen Riders  Fund.  In cases where a family cannot afford to pay program and membership fees a family may apply for subsidy or to have the fees waived.  They can also apply to have extended use of a loaner bike.  

For our high performance riders competing at national and international events the club offers a limited number of bursaries to offset travel costs.


Q: How do I join DEVO?

A: If you've read over all of our program details you're ready to go, please join us.


If you have any other questions about the DEVO program, please feel free to contact us.