Harris-Roubaix: Get well soon, Tom!

  • Posted on: 17 April 2007
  • By: rcousine

Well, that was a bit crashy, eh?

Tom Fairs, who both works for and rides for EV sponsor La Bicicletta Pro Shop, got caught up in one of the numerous crashes in the Cat 4/5 race at Harris-Roubaix this weekend.

Tom broke 9 ribs, punctured a lung, and will likely be in the hospital for another week. He will probably be at home for another six weeks or so of recuperation after that.

Kevin Corkum, proprietor of La Bicicletta, thanks all of you for your calls. He has now set up a special mailing list to keep you updated on Tom's progress. Just click on that link and send off a blank email to the list address to subscribe.

In other EV Harris-Roubaix news, congrats to Russell Stead, Bob Chew, and Paul Beard, who all finished in the points. Note that the marshalls have incomplete results for most categories, so if you think you scored a top-15 on the weekend, please check the results and contact the organizers.

In other, other EV news, the Warp Speed Team Time Trial is coming, and we'll have yet more news soon. I just wanted to tell you that the team size is 3 for women and 4 for men. You can start 3 men if you prefer, but the clock stops on the third man.