Pope experiences Hell, lives to tell about it.

  • Posted on: 23 April 2007
  • By: rcousine

No, seriously. The willing participant in this diabolical experience was none other than Escape's own Alex Pope, who earlier this month went to Hell Vancouver Island for the Eau de Hell, which even by pain-loving cyclist standards was pretty extreme.

So here's some excerpts from Alex's mileage log for that week:

April 7th: ride 200 km
April 8th: ride 300 km
April 9th: no entry recorded. He probably just wrestled Cerberus
April 10th: ride 400 km
April 11th: no entry recorded. Alex tells me he spent most of the day eating.
April 12-13th: ride 600 km

Now, some of you more fender-and-lights types may already recognize this sequence: Alex rode the full brevet series, normally a season's worth of riding sufficient to qualify a rider for the epic 1200km of the Paris-Brest-Paris, in a week.

With that pesky PBP qualification question over*, it's hard to know what Alex will do next. He already tried BMX this year (not a good plan, got himself good and hurt), and he's been seen at actual road racing events (starts typical Spring Series races after 150 km warmup, which he needs before he can feel his legs in the morning), so I suspect he's going to ride to the start of PBP from here.

Oh sure, you doubters would say that's impossible on a bicycle, but Alex has ridden his bike to Hell and back, so I'd think twice before saying it in front of the club's Pope. Also, when addressing him, you should kneel and kiss his ring.

For those looking for a firsthand account of what a week in Hell is like, try this one by Ken Bonner, or this one by Dante Alighieri.

*Actually, Alex says he's demurring from the PBP this year. Something about his three children insisting on eating food, like, every day, which leaves little room in the budget for trips to France. Alex, now that you're a member of EV, you have to ask yourself: What would Sluggo do?