World Tuesday Night Championships 2012 Wrap up

  • Posted on: 3 September 2012
  • By: tam
(If you have prizes owing to you from this year's WTNC or Spring Series, read more.)

We've come to the end of another year's edition of The World Tuesday Night Championships, and we did it without having an organizational meltdown, incurring a lawsuit, peeling someone off the hood of a car, or breaking up a fist fight. Maybe I've set the bar too low, but that's a successful event in my books!

Indeed, the WTNC has been in existence long enough to become an institution, and a bike racing community has formed around it. Its success is a result of the contribution of all those who have participated.

I thank the WTNC competitors, who strive to better themselves through the fair contest of strength, speed and tactical savvy -- they make up the fabric of this community. The quality of racing is directly attributable to the quality of those who compete.

As with any community, there are those who donate their time and effort into the community for the benefit of others, and the WTNC could not function without them. I am, of course, talking about our volunteers who set up the course, man the sign-in desk, marshal the corners, sweep the course, juggle the finish line duties, wrangle the paperwork and data, and do the myriad tasks that makes this event appear to run itself. It doesn't, believe me. As someone who peeks behind the curtain, I am fully appreciative and thankful for their contributions.

A big thank you to our volunteer team captains Jeff Werner, Bryan Gallant, Colin Campbell, Attila Hajdu, and Johnson Jung (and their delegated lieutenants or stand-ins) who stepped up to lead the various volunteer teams, and for being leaders that bring order out of chaos.

Credit also goes to Ryan Cousineau, Mark Wan and Alan Walrond for their technical, financial and recruiting wizardry.

I am particularly delighted that people outside Escape Velocity pitched in, making this a true community effort. Thanks to Garneau Evolution, Triple Crown, and those purple Ballistic Velo guys who made up our volunteer corp.

I am looking forward to seeing you at next year's event, both volunteers and competitors alike.

Joseph Tam
WTNC 2012 Organizer

Series Winners

Men Category1/2 WinnerMens Category1/2 series winner (Tim Abercombie) Men Category3 WinnerMens Category3 series winner (Marc Perrot) Men Novice PodiumMens Novice top-3 series finishers
(Photo credits: Doug Brons)

Collection of prizes:

If you were unable to claim your prize winnings for this year's Spring Series or WTNC events in person, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope, along with your event number bib or a photocopy of your Cycling BC license, to
Escape Velocity
5114 Chester St.
Vancouver, BC
V5W 3A9
Your claim must be received no later than Oct. 31, 2012. Don't procrastinate or cut corners. If your claim is late, has insufficient postage, or doesn't offer proof of identity, you won't get money.

Unclaimed prizes will go back into funding our dEVo and other programmes and activities; whether you donate on purpose, or out of forgetfulness, EV thanks you.