No WTNC on July 3rd

  • Posted on: 28 June 2007
  • By: rcousine

Due to an event at Thunderbird Stadium, there will be no race next Tuesday. I know, we're as heartbroken as you surely are. Think of it as extra recovery time from the Yaletown GP.

And if you need something else to entertain you, please read our President's account of the Cat 1/2 team's 290 km training ride, in which they almost do a loop of Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast in one day.

Or you can check out the latest paper copy of Velonews, which features EV's own Jason Thompson as the centerfold:

Yes, that's right potential EV sponsors: we can put your logo in the middle of the biggest road racing magazine on the continent.

Or you can hear about our France Bureau's latest exploits, but no, I'll keep that for another day.