Accenture Road Champs: Register Now

  • Posted on: 3 May 2016
  • By: rcousine

So folks, registration for the 2016 Accenture Road and TT Championship races is now open. So go and register now, because this is going to be sweet. And also, there's no day-of registration, so register now.

Time Trial

We've rescheduled the TT to Saturday, May 28. Much more convenient, no? Paracyclists, older Masters, and Cat 4 will do 20 km, while faster Masters, Cat 3 and elite groups will do 40 km (two laps of the mostly out-and-back circuit). It's a great course designed by a TT obsessive. First TT start is at 9:30; Elite/U23 Men are scheduled at 11:00.

Road Race

We've been saving a special course for just such an occasion. We call it ATOMIC SUPER-SIZE. It's bigger, it's longer, it's so good it could be a World Championship circuit (UCI, call us). You won't want to miss out. This race will feature deep and wide categorization and prizing, and ability-appropriate racing fields. There's even non-championship Cat 3 and Cat 4 races, with great prizing, too. Early races start at 8:30 on Sunday, May 29; late races (including all Elite categories) start at noon. 

Further details, including parcours and the ever-engrossing Technical Guide ("5/5, a must-read!" -S. Lynne) can be found in the usual place