Escape Velocity pb Fortius a key player at BC Superweek

  • Posted on: 25 July 2016
  • By: PSDevo


Watching the BC Superweek events one might think it almost looks easy to pull off running a cycling race, but of course it is not.  Behind the scenes EscapeVelocity pb Fortius played an critical support role to success of numerous events during BC Superweek.

Our Tuesday night, chip timing team Ryan, Stuart, Heidi and Heather ran the timing for Tour de Delta, Gas town Grand prix, Giro di Burnaby and the Tour de White Rock. If you looked up on the main stage at any of the Superweek events you would see Ryan, Heidi, Heather and Stuart running our timing system, and you would see that each registered cyclist had a timing chip on their bike. “We're a backup to the commissaires and the finish camera, but we're a useful one, not a race goes by that someone isn't cross-checking a result with the timing chip team” says Ryan Cousineau.  "The day starts early for the timing team: three or four hours before the event they're rolling out to the site. Timing boxes go into place first as the stage is being set up. Then, sign-in starts up, and we're off to the races” Ryan contiues.

Another element our team assists in is the official car support for the officials and race organizers. Tobin Copley, Mark Wan, Wei Tan and EV alumnus Stephen Cork had the challenging task of driving The Tour de Delta Criterium and Global Relay Gastown Grandprix. These races require drivers to pay close attention to safety, the race speed, and respond to crowd concerns very quickly with spectators only 3-4 meters away.   “I was absolutely honoured to drive the Brenco Criterium at the Tour de Delta, for the first time I haven’t raced the criterium but had an opportunity to contribute and see the race from a different angle” said Tobin Copley.

Last, but certainly not least, Devo pb Fortius head coach Andrew Pinfold, whose career in professional racing spanned more then 15 years, was front and centre on the announcer’s stage with the likes of Ted King Giro Di Burnaby, Phil Johnson at Gastown Grand Prix and Global BC’s Jay Janower at PoCo Grand Prix. We were excited to hear Andrew on the stage calling the play-by-play and educating the fans about youth racing and the role our club plays in supporting young riders.