Spring Series 2017: Now With Classics

  • Posted on: 8 January 2017
  • By: rcousine

We're a little lax in publicizing this stuff, but rest assured, the Spring Series is on for 2017, and better than ever!

The fun will kick off on February 25, and will run for six relentless weeks, until the final race of the series on April 1.

The last two weekends will be Spring Classics: we'll have a special category for fast Masters, we'll have better prizes, lead and follow vehicles for all packs, and we'll run them on some of the biggest and most exciting courses from years past, including at least one new variation on an old favorite.

We will also, um, be raising prices to cover exciting new expenses. Still totally worth it, though.

Pre-registration and complete details will be available soon, but we have the preliminary details on our Spring Series page now.