Spring Series: don't believe the snow!

  • Posted on: 11 February 2017
  • By: rcousine

So, we sent our man Stuart (winner of a 2017 Sport BC President's Award presented by Sports with Balls for excellence in cycling volunteerism) out to the valley to make sure the courses will be rideable.

Verdict: definitely probably! So we're totally a go for racing on February 25. 

The Spring Series page is mostly accurate now, thanks to some work by Hung, and pre-registration is probably more or less ready, thanks to some work by, I dunno, maybe Darrin, or somebody.

Anyway, you can register for races, and they'll be pretty amazing probably! We are working away to polish off sharp corners on the events this year. A little bit safer, a little bit smoother at the reg desk, the podium prizes will be a little bit shinier, and the Spring Classics will be all that, and even more so.

Here's what we're worried about this year: we are marking off field limits in the registration system this year, because we think many events will get close to the safe maximum field size (50 per start group; we can go slightly over at some events, but not all of them). Point being, pre-reg if you want the good price and a certain entry into the race. Day-of registration will still be open for fields that are not full.

Also, we're worried about safety. So we have lead motos at all races, and we have follow motos as well at the Spring Classics.

Here's what we're less worried about: the snow. Most of our roads are clear now, and there's two weeks to go. We have a weather policy: races will go off in the rain, races will not start if there is snow falling, or if there is snow own the road, or if the weather is in some other way extreme enough to make us think racing is a bad idea (extreme cold, for example). But seriously, it's going to be fine, you'll have fun, come on out.

First race is February 25, let's do this!