Spring Series: this weekend cancelled

  • Posted on: 24 February 2017
  • By: rcousine

Well, shoot.

Due to very poor weather forecasts, including snow, for both race days this weekend, we are cancelling both races. The Spring Series will begin properly next weekend, March 4 at River Road, and March 5 at Murchie West. 

Rain Cheques

If you pre-registered for this race, we will automatically re-enter you for the same day next weekend (eg a Saturday race entry will be good for next Saturday, a Sunday entry for next Sunday). You can change that to a coupon code to apply your entry fee to another Spring Series or Classic race, by contacting us. If you require a refund, we can do that too, but there's a $5 administrative charge.

Why we Cancelled

We hate cancelling races. But our rules are simple: snow or ice on the roads is a no-go. Snow falling is a no-go. Sub-zero temperatures are a no-go. As of right now, there is snow on the ground at Hougen Park, a real prospect it will become snow or ice overnight, and a forecast of snow for Sunday's race. At best, these races will happen in marginal conditions; at worst, they will be downright dangerous. We won't do that to our racers, our volunteers, or our workers.

We love early-season racing in the Lower Mainland (and the popularity of our races shows that you love it too) but even we have our limits!