Spring Classics: Wave M open to all Masters now

  • Posted on: 19 March 2018
  • By: rcousine

After a request from some interested riders, and careful consideration, Wave M at the remaining Spring Classics this year will be open to any rider with a Masters license. This is not a mandatory category: all Masters racers are still welcome to race their ability category instead.

We expect this change to mostly be of interest to Masters C or D riders who are able to keep up with the Wave M group, which is currently a bit faster than Wave B (Cat 3 men, Cat 1/2 women), as evidenced by their 2-0 performance in the Megabowl so far. The organizers also reserve the right to restrict entry to Wave M based on safety considerations.

The ability categories (Wave A,B,C & D) will continue to operate as before, and will still be eligible for upgrade points.

We’d like to thank everyone who encouraged us to make this change, and especially La Bicicletta, whose support makes the Masters Wave at Spring Classics possible.

The Spring Classics continue next weekend, at Aldergrove Long, March 25. We will then have a Good Friday race on March 30, on the historic Atomic Long course. The series wraps up with the Spring Classics Stage Race on April 14 and 15, featuring a time trial, criterium, and road race.

See you there!