Stage Race Guide now available

  • Posted on: 5 April 2018
  • By: rcousine

We have a detailed Devo Stage Race Guide, which will answer all your questions about this exciting event, the grand finale of our Spring Classics series. Key highlights and notes:

  • The River Road "crit" is really more of a kermesse: for safety and logistics reasons, we will use the 6.8 km River Road course, but at a crit duration. There will be time bonuses, including intermediate sprint time bonuses in the faster groups.
  • You heard that right: time bonuses. Thanks to the wonders of chip timing, the Stage Race will be placed by time. The Saturday morning TT will be raced for time, and the crit and road race will have true time plus time bonuses. (riders off the back will be given a time and allowed to race subsequent stages).
  • Leader jerseys, prizing info, and much more! Complete details in the guide