Provincials update, and WTNC update

  • Posted on: 14 May 2018
  • By: rcousine

Provincials: we had the wrong course linked on our website for a while, the correct course is the similar-but-different Atomic Double Counter-Clockwise, please enjoy this new extra-painful routing. Registration is now open, you should totally register, this is a great event with two great venues, and we promise to paint wayfinding arrows on the TT course.

WTNC: we’re back at Glenlyon tomorrow, weather permitting (and it looks very permissive indeed right now). This is a note that we now have a very large M4 field and a small M5 field. Cat 4 men are eligible to race in either field; this is our gentle hint that if you are racing in the M4 field and have any inclination to switch to the M5 group, please do so. This week we will keep an eye on the M4 field size and may impose a field limit; if we don’t have enough voluntary moves from M4 to M5, then we will impose involuntary moves on some riders. 

Reasons you should move to the M5 field:

  • learn more about racing in a low-key environment where you are more likely to influence the race
  • start early, done early!
  • fewer crashes
  • bike racing that accepts you for who you are, and doesn’t need you to be supremely focused on the last kilogram and the next 5 watts