Provincial Champs update: new, flood-free TT course

  • Posted on: 24 May 2018
  • By: rcousine

Are you excited for the Brian Jessel Provincial Road Race and TT Championships? You should be!

Our updated page has important information for you.

Most important: The TT has moved to a new venue, the Warp Speed TT course, based out of Aldergrove Lake Park. (Sign-in for this race is at the same place as the road race, details on the event page and in the tech guide).

Almost as important: first TT starts (paracycling) will be at 10:10. This is later than previously scheduled.

Please familiarize yourself with the new course, which will be nominally 18 km long. Riders will do either 18 km or 36.8 km (2 laps), depending on category.

Please familiarize yourself with the route ahead of time, and look over how the turnaround will be handled at the start/finish end. RACERS ARE ULTIMATELY RESPONSIBLE FOR KNOWING THE COURSE AND KNOWING THEIR LAP COUNTS

Registration has been enthusiastic, but you still have a chance to get the pre-reg price today. And yeah, we will also have day-of registration, if you’re bad at planning. 

Why did we change the TT course? Well, part of the River Road TT course is, as the name suggests, near the river. The river which is on the verge of overtopping its banks. Our course is not flooded yet, but the prediction is that there is a serious flood danger in the next few days, and as a very sensible precaution, we are moving to a course that is unlikely to flood (sorry cyclocrossers, maybe next year!)