The Christmas Rides again!

  • Posted on: 17 December 2018
  • By: rcousine

Escape Velocity’s beloved toy ride is on! This Saturday, everybody’s favorite rolling fundraiser for the Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau, several months after the Motorcycle Toy Run, because cyclists are tough like that.

Our good friends at Musette have a special deal for you: donate at least $20, you get free coffee at the start of the ride!

You can donate here:

The Lower Mainland Christmas Bureau has been making Christmas happen for children in need since 1930, and is the longstanding charity partner for this ride.

-December 22nd, 0830-930 at Musette Caffé
-Ride will be a lap of the Park if it's gross, Iona if it's decent
-This will be an all-welcome, no-drop ride. If it’s large enough, it will break into groups based on ability and desired distance, but nobody gets left behind.

Special thanks to our friend and organizational helpmate Derek Ulrich, who would like to remind you that no-one rides like Gastown, organizes like Gastown, gets you coffee just for being nice like Gastown.