We need DEVO Coaches!

  • Posted on: 10 March 2019
  • By: DEVO

Devo is one of Canada’s premiere youth cycling clubs, with over 70 athletes ages 10-18. Our club offers programs in road, mountain bike, cyclocross, and track. We strive to offer a fun, challenging, and supportive atmosphere for both our coaches and athletes. New kids keep an joining this year and we're in need of more coaching staff.

Head, Lead and Support Coaches: This season we're looking for head coach, lead coach and support coaches for all ages (10-18). Head Coaches are compensated monthly and are required to attend majority of practices throughout the year and attend certain amount of weekend races. Lead coaches would lead a group of 6-10 athletes through a skills and fitness session under the direction of a head coach, and are compensated with a per session payment. Support coaches are essentially sweeps within a group, and help support any stragglers, or mechanical issues, and this role is volunteer.

6 Session Commitment: We would love to have a minimum commitment of 6 practices over an 6 week period. This would allow the coaches and athletes to build a positive connection. This could be every Thursday for 6 weeks, or every Tues/Sat for 3 weeks, etc. Saturdays are an important day to have extra coaches, as we often head out for a bigger ride. More coaches allow us to split safely into smaller ability groups, and help manage any stragglers or mechanicals issues.

U17/U19 Road Programs: Competition and Learn to Race. These athletes are split into 3-4 groups at practice depending on turnout. There is a wide range of fitness and skill within the older group, so it is ideal to split into smaller and safer groups. Half of the U17/U19 athletes are very race focused, with most doing Tuesday Nighter races and all the Pacific NW races. The other half of the U17/U19 athletes are not as race focused, but enjoy participating in race focused and skills practices, as well as local Tuesday nighters. We have a handful of new U17 athletes who are fit and motivated, but have very little bunch riding experience. We require a single coach for this group to help get them up to speed quickly and safely so they can integrate into the larger groups of their peers.

U13/U15 Road Programs: Road Racers and Gravel Riders. The gravel riders are more recreation focused with lots of gravel riding, skills, and games based learning. This program isn't race focused, so it alleviates the pressures of the intense race focused practices and metrics that can scare kids away. The U13/U15 road racers are for event and race driven athletes. These athletes take part in more challenging fitness focused practices, which also includes race specific skills and drills. For both groups the main focus is always skill development and fun. There may be an overlap between the two programs in ability and goals, so riders may switch programs if necessary. During practice there may be anywhere from 2-4 training groups within U13/U15 depending on turnout.

Road Practice:  We have a set plan and goal for each session which is created by the head coach. Ride plans range from hill repeats, to sprint lead outs, water bottle feedzone practice, parking lot crit practice, standing starts, pacelines, games on the grass, cone weaving drills or simply adventure rides. For all age groups we like to have both skill and fitness components to practice, and most of all fun. Games, relays, or short circuits work well and are super fun!

MTB Programs: A fun session that suites xc racers, enduro riders, and recreational riders. We focus on skills, fitness, and friends. We split into 2-3 groups of similar ability and focus, and head out on the trails. We find short circuits and fun features on the trails to practice specific skills and build fitness for any discipline. Our practices are every Wednesday evening and vary in location around North Van, SFU, and Port Moody.


Our practices are from April - mid Aug:

Tuesday Road 6-730pm at WTNC location

Wednesday MTB 6-730 location varies from north shore to port moody.

Thursday Road 6-730pm at Inter-river near Capilano Uni (we often ride demo forest)

Saturday 9-1130am (ish) at Planetarium in Kits.