WTNC: All about Cat 4a and Cat4b and not Cat 5

  • Posted on: 8 May 2019
  • By: rcousine

So you may have heard, we have a really full men’s Cat 4 field this year. If you race in the WTNC Cat 4 or Cat 5 fields, please read on. If not, you can go back to your usual business.

For safety reasons, we need to put a cap on field sizes at the WTNC. The Cat 4 field, especially at Glenlyon, is hitting against that limit. So we’re taking action.

Starting next week, we will refer to the Cat 4 and Cat 5 fields as “4a” and “4b”. As far as we are concerned, this does not designate a better or worse field, just two separate groups of Cat 4 men racing each night. Any rider with a Men 4 license may enter either group. In concert with Cycling BC, we can tell you that both groups will receive upgrade points as usual, and points in either group will count for upgrades towards Cat 3.

But to enforce the field limit, we need to take some steps.

As of next week, we will have the following limits on pre-registration and day-of registration in 4a:

  • riders with a season pass who already have a 4a (formerly “4”) race bib are guaranteed entry.
  • pre-registration will be limited to the number of available spots in the field after season passes are accounted for. If these sell out, then the field is full.
  • Day-of entry into 4a will be limited or unavailable, depending on pre-registration.

So, what’s a Cat 4 man to do? If the 4a field sells out, we expect to have plenty of room in 4b, so please consider entering that field. You may also wish to talk to Cycling BC if you are eligible or nearly eligible for a Cat 3 upgrade, as they can consider such requests.

Reasons to enter 4b:

  • might be slightly easier until word gets around
  • the start times work out better for you
  • you’re a civic-minded Cat 4
  • it’s a slightly shorter race
  • the 4a field sold out

Note that we will continue to score the series results as two separate competitions, and we will keep separate bibs for each of 4a and 4b, so if you are entered in one field, you are not entered in the other. Note also that we ask that riders not routinely switch from one field to the other. We will tolerate one-time changes, but don’t expect to change fields from week to week, or race one at UBC and the other at Glenlyon. 

We also ask that you do NOT sign up for both fields. The reason we’re doing this is to ensure all Cat 4s get a safe opportunity to race, so we need those available spots. We will review this rule later in the season, as generally we only have a field limit problem during the first half of the season.