Escape Velocity Definitely Not the WTNC at 7:15 PM PDT

  • Posted on: 25 March 2020
  • By: MarkW
A big Thank You! to the Zwift schedulers, even though it was a late request and they had already put in the EVR Wednesday races using the old schedule, they ripped that out and put in the new one.
We will be doing what is (IMHO) the best Zwift Crit Course Downton Dolphin. Just under 2km loop with a short 15-second power climb in the middle. A slightly longer loop with slightly shorter climb compared to WTNC UBC.

A - 24 laps, 47km
B - 18 laps, 35km
C - 14 laps, 27km
D - 10 laps, 20km