Spring Series - Race 1 results

  • Posted on: 2 March 2008
  • By: rcousine

Today was the beginning of the Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series. All the races started. However, not all the races finished.

Unfortunately, we had to stop the novice race and the A-group race due to the crashes in the other groups. It was simply too dangerous for us to keep the other races going with ambulances and riders down on the course. We are sorry that the A and novice riders didn't get to finish, but it was the right call to make in order to prevent further chaos.

I hope everyone comes out to the races next weekend! Zero Avenue and Armstrong are on the menu.

Update: B Group results revised. Jake and Guy's stealthy and unfamiliar bright-red EV outfits caused us to miss them in the first results listing.

Here are the results:

Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring Series

  • Posted on: 26 February 2008
  • By: rcousine

Yeah, I can't wait either.

We have some important announcements regarding the Spring Series:

1) One-day licenses will be available during sign-on. So if you're interested in racing but not ready for the commitment of a season license, we're there for you. That said, if this describes you please consider the new Citizen License, which is only $50 ($40 for members of a Cycling BC club).

Like a squirrel in a cage

  • Posted on: 14 February 2008
  • By: rcousine

President Gord reminds me that cycling in Ontario no longer ends in the winter, it now moves indoors. And dEVo was there.

As Jeremy likes to call him, Jacob "the flying squirrel" Schwingboth has just competed at the Forest City Velodrome Winter Nationals at the 138m indoor track in London Ontario. Curtis Jung, another dEVo phenom, was also there competing, along with Ben Cowburn.

Spring is not here, but Spring Series info is

  • Posted on: 14 December 2007
  • By: rcousine

Photo by David Broemeling

I know, all you're thinking about right now is some seasonal celebratory festival or another, possibly involving a tree, or a pole, or some candles. Or maybe you're trying to figure out what you want to do on New Year's Day.

But we at EV/dEVo (in this case, just dEVo) are more forward-thinking than that! we're already preparing for the other most wonderful time of the year, Spring Series.