Spring Series March 15 Results: Snakebit!

  • Posted on: 16 March 2008
  • By: rcousine

Just a quickie to get these up. As you can see, results are preliminary. EV/dEVo apologizes, and are trying to figure out if we can blame this on the Ides of March or something to do with holding a race called "The Snake" so close to St. Patrick's Day.

Ahem. The results:

1 Ryan Anderson / Symmetrics Cycling
2 Rob Britton / Trek Red Truck Racing
3 Neil Kindree / Kona
4 Will Routley / Symmetrics Cycling
5 Dave Vukets / Trek Red Truck Racing


Spring Series March 9 results

  • Posted on: 10 March 2008
  • By: rcousine

If you're wondering why the results are a little late showing up today, we left them in the hands of Sluggo, and it turned out he started what he described as "a nice early-season Zone 2 LSD ride" right after the A race Sunday.

He just got back now. He brought us souvenirs from the Experience Music Project. Here's the results:

Spring Forward! Also, Spring Series (results)!

  • Posted on: 8 March 2008
  • By: rcousine

First, please set your clocks forward one hour tonight, because you don't want to be that guy: the one who shows up Sunday morning at 10:30 instead of 9:30, and has to watch the peloton ride away while you're trying to pin a number on.

Second, EV wins! And takes fifth. New Escape 1-2 team member Andrew Kyle showed that some of those mountain bike skills do cross over, and with great support and teamwork from the rest of the Red Brigade, he managed to take the victory.

Also, we finished all four races today. See what nice things happen when you kids stop crashing so much?

Spring Series Race #2, Zero Ave.:

Spring Series - Race 1 results

  • Posted on: 2 March 2008
  • By: rcousine

Today was the beginning of the Escape Velocity/dEVo Spring Series. All the races started. However, not all the races finished.

Unfortunately, we had to stop the novice race and the A-group race due to the crashes in the other groups. It was simply too dangerous for us to keep the other races going with ambulances and riders down on the course. We are sorry that the A and novice riders didn't get to finish, but it was the right call to make in order to prevent further chaos.

I hope everyone comes out to the races next weekend! Zero Avenue and Armstrong are on the menu.

Update: B Group results revised. Jake and Guy's stealthy and unfamiliar bright-red EV outfits caused us to miss them in the first results listing.

Here are the results: