Sportif Series

Thanks to everyone who enjoyed the Sportif Series! We've put this series on hiatus, but we're keeping the page up so you can see old results. Please join us for the WTNC and Spring Series

We have a brand new racing series focused on lower category racers and novices. The Sportif Series is 5 new races in the warmer months, a cheap and cheerful way to gain experience riding fast in a pack. These are not just great races, they're also a gentle introduction to racing, and the distances and time of year make them excellent preparation for the fondo rides later in the year. For Novices, your entry includes a 1-hour learn-to-race clinic before the race itself.

In an effort to expand the number of groups running races in BC, we're also partnering with other clubs to run some Sportif events. If you are interested in being one of those clubs, let us know.

Please note that while we are focussing on getting new people into racing with these races, we will continue to support and run the A Category, so these will be a chance for the the A riders to get some hard training races in.

When: select weekend dates, Spring and Summer 2014. Races start at 9:30 or 10:00 am, depending on the venue; see schedule below (Novices and Youth learn-to-race clinics start 30 minutes after the main wave), sign-on opens 1 hour before race start.

Where: Langley, Aldergrove, & Abbotsford (schedule)

How Much: Adults, $30 pre-reg or $35 day-of. Juniors, $20.

What's Required: Cycling BC Citizen License, or any UCI license, or a $10 day-of license (details)

Organizers: Stuart Lynne

Racing Groups Explained


Start time





Typical ability level

A Group




Cat 1/2, faster Cat 3’s

B Group




Cat 3, faster Cat 4’s

C Group




Cat 4





Novice racers working to fill their CBC Card. Learn to Race clinic starts at 11:00. Race format is sprint every lap, then regroup.





U13/U15/U17 with possibility of embedded coaching and combined categories if field sizes are small

We use self-seeding, but the organizers reserve the right to pick your race class for you if you're sandbagging or should have trained harder. And yes, by popular demand, there will be an A category.

Here's a Google Doc of Race Distances by date and category:

Dates, Locations, Et Cetera

2014-05-03 Thunderbird RR Reg Now! Register Online
2014-05-25 Atomic Long RR Register Online
2014-06-07 Thunderbird Long RR Register Online
2014-06-28 Bradner RR Register Online




These races are classified as Club Events with Cycling BC with an additional insurance rider. As such you need a license to race. If you aren't licensed (per the table below), you can purchase a one-event license on race day for $10.



Can race




CBC Citizens



CBC Associates

Member of host club


CBC Associates

Member of a different club


US Domestic



No License



Some Rules to Remember

1. Road bikes only. Aero bars and flat bars are forbidden. Fenders must be removed.

2. There will be no free lap rule for mechanicals. If you do suffer a mechanical and sit out a lap you will be allowed to re-enter the race in the main group or any group behind the main group at the discretion of the race organizer. In this situation you will be allowed to finish out the race but not impact the outcome of the race in any way. Should this occur you as well as your entire team/club will be disqualified from that race. This rule will be strictly enforced.

3. Center Line Rule

Any rider who intentionally rides on the left side of the centre line in order to gain advantage is in violation of the centre line rule.

You must also stay to the right of the cones in the middle of the road along the course. Cones will used to delineate the acceptable lines in all corners and in any curves with limited visibility.

Please remember that the races are run on open roads and there will be on coming traffic in the other lane. Crossing the yellow line or beyond the cones is exceptionally dangerous to both your self and the other people you are racing with.

The only times that is it acceptable to break this rule is when a rider is pushed over the centre line by riders beside them (and re-enters without gaining advantage).

If you are observed violating the centre line rule you will be pulled from the race and receive a Yellow Card. A Yellow Card may also be issued if multiple riders state that one individual has crossed broken the centre line rule. If a rider with a Yellow Card is observed to violate the centre line rule they will be expelled from all remaining Sportif Series races.

4. Keep your race number and chip

You will get a race number and chip at the first race, and you will keep it for use in the Spring and Sportif series throughout the year. Bring it each time you race: replacements cost $5 (number swap due to category change is free, but you have to turn in your old number).


Step 1. Pre-reg!
You will soon be able to register online. That lets you skip most of the stuff below, and you save $5. We will have registration online at least 14 days before each race.

Step 2. Sign-on

Races start at 10:30 AM sharp, except Novice and Junior races, which will start after the C group finishes (approximately 12:00 Noon).

Sign-on opens at 9:30 AM sharp.


Podium for each category is 30 minutes after finish, at the race trailer unless otherwise noted. Prizing in all categories: $30, $20, $15, $10, $10 for 1st through 5th. Top women, each category: $25, $15. We also have merchandise prizes at select races, thanks to our generous sponsors.

Fine for missing the podium ceremony: your prize money.

All races are sanctioned by Cycling BC.