Spring Series 2018

Thanks to all who came out for our Spring Classic races. Updates for the 2019 Spring Classic races will be posted in the Fall 2018. 

Here's the 2018 Stage Race Guide.  

The long-standing Spring Classics return to the Lower Mainland on March 3, 2018. Consisting of 9 road races, the Spring Classics offer some of the hardest fought competition all year, featuring Master-friendly categories and some of our biggest, bestest courses. These races are run rain or shine, so dress accordingly and remember Rule #5. The one exception to the weather rule is snow. We do not race if there is snow on the road.

Where / when:

Date   Course / Map Parking
Mar. 3 Sat

Thunderbird Long CCW RR

Thunderbird Show Park

Mar. 4 Sun

Hougen North RR

Hougen Park

Mar. 11 Sun Snake RR Aldor Acres
Mar. 17 Sat Bradner Long RR Bradner Elementary School
Mar. 25 Sun Aldergrove Long RR Aldergrove Regional Park
Mar. 30 Fri Atomic Long RR Aldergrove Regional Park
Apr. 14 Sat River Road Crit/TT Aldor Acres
Apr. 15 Sun Murchie West CCW RR Wix Brown Elementary


Race Day Schedule:

  • Pre-registration closes at 11:59 PM the Thursday before a race.
  • Registration and sign-on opens at 8:30 AM on race day.
  • Registration and sign on closes 15 minutes before race time.
  • Please leave extra time for registration and sign-on at your first race of the season or if you are completing day-of registration.

We suggest arriving one hour before your start time.

How Much:

Race Fees

All first-time racers.

Must be purchased at first race and can be re-used for all Spring Series and WTNC races.

$5 timing tag

$5 race bib


(Pre-registered. Cut-off is 11:59pm  PST the Thursday before the race)

$50 for Spring Classics



$60 for Spring Classics

Juniors (U19)

Youth (U17, U15, U13)

$25 for Spring Classics


In case of injury or illness, refunds for race entry fees may be considered at the discretion of the organizer, but only if the request is received before midnight the day before the race.

The Spring Series race payment system has an administrative fee of $5 per refund which will be passed onto the rider; the refund will be the value of your original race entry fee, less $5.

Alternatively you may request that your race entry fee will be deferred to another Spring Series race for this year and you will be issued a Race Entry Coupon at no charge.

Please contact us with your request by midnight the day before the race.


All races are sanctioned by CyclingBC and are governed by the UCI’s regulations regarding road races.

Participants will be allowed to use disc-brake equipped bicycles at all EV races.

For EV-specific race rules, please refer to the EV Race Bible (PDF).(will be updated shortly)

Spring Classics Races:

For the 2018 season, all races will be Classic-grade events:

  • A separate Master A/B field
  • Our longest, toughest courses
  • Lead and follow vehicles
  • Awesome swag, courtesy of our awesome sponsors

Licensing / Race Groups:

All racers must hold a valid UCI, CyclingBC Provincial, USAC, or USCF license.

  • Single-day licenses can be purchased at Registration for $10.
  • Adults participants must race in the category indicated on their CyclingBC license.
  • Youth race either in their age category OR optionally according to the ability category on their UCI license.
  • Participants with a 1-day or a Provincial (formerly called Citizens) license must race in the D Group.
  • Riders seeking category upgrades must submit a formal request to CyclingBC and follow the UCI Category Upgrade procedure.

Race start times and duration for each category:

Spring Classics




A Group
220 min.

Elite Men

Cat 1/2 (M)

M Group
170 min.

Master A (M)
Master B (M)


B Group
160 min.

Elite Women

Cat 1/2 (W)
Cat 3 (M)

C Group
130 min.

Master A (W)
Master B (W)
Master C (M)

Cat 3 (W)
Cat 4 (M)

D Group
100 min.

Master C (W)
Master D (W)
Master D (M)

Cat 4 (W)
Cat 5 (M)


You may register using your Elite/Masters designation from your Cycling BC license OR you may register using your Ability category from your Cycling BC license.

Prizes and Podiums:

  1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th
Elite Men & Women $40 $30 $25 $20 $15

Cash Prizes for Elite Men & Women only. All other fields receive medals and when available prizes. Prizes will be awarded to a maximum of five deep in the elite fields and 3 deep or half of the starters in the field for all other categories.

Stage Race and Crit Pricing:


Road Race



Combo (All 3 races)






Day of event





Road Race first start: 10:30am | TT/Crit schedule and other details in the Race Guide