Warp Speed Team Time Trial

Thanks to all who participated.

Date: August 26, 2007

Time: Sign-on from 8:00AM to 9:00AM. First team start at 9:15 at 1 minute intervals. Team start time determined by registration order. Race completion expected before noon.

Location: Start line is on N. Parallel Road just north of Atkinson Road, Abbotsford, BC. Route is an out and back course completed three times (depending upon category).

How to get there - NEW
Take Highway #1 East to No. 3 Road in Abbotsford, BC.
Head to the end of No. 3 road and park at McDonald Park
Start/Finish is at No. 3 Rd and Parallel Rd.

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Course map:
Escape Velocity team time trial map

Cost: Team registration cost is $80 for men (4 rider team, $20 per rider), $60 for women and Juniors (3 rider team, $20 per rider).

Contact: Chris Squire at (604) 913-3686 or chrissquire [at] shaw [dot] ca


Pre-register at Karelo.com or on-site. Cost for on-site registration is the pre-registration fee plus $10. Please pre-register! One person to register the whole team – so make sure you have the details for each team member when registering.

All team members / competitors must carry a valid UCI licence for 2007 regardless of origin, or purchase a one event Cycling BC insured membership for $30. One event insured membership will be available for purchase during sign-on.

Participants without a valid UCI licence for 2007 or a one event insured membership will not be permitted to start.

No refunds for any reason.


Each team member to sign-on and provide completed waiver. Sign-on between 8:00AM and 9:00AM.

US Riders

Please review the Cycling BC non-resident race policies.

Team Categories and Distance

Category 1/2, Category 3: (50.6km – three loops)
(Each category must be composed of cyclists in the category stated or from a lower category. For example, Cat 3 cyclists may ride on a Cat 1/2 team).
Category 4/5 (34.4km – two loops)

Category 1/2/3 (50.6 km – three loops) and Category 4 (34.4km - 2 loops)

Mixed Teams
Men and women may ride together, team will compete in the men’s category that matches the highest category rider on the team.

(34.4km - 2 loops)

Course Details

Course will be marshalled.

Road will not be closed, riders will need to take care as this is a team time trial format. Be aware of cars on the road and other riders. Stay to the right except to pass.

The lead rider is responsible for the safety of the team members drafting behind – please take this responsibility seriously.

Yellow line rule in effect. Teams will be disqualified for crossing the yellow line.

Team Time Trial Details

Warming-up shall not be permitted on the course at any time.

Four race numbers per team (three for women and juniors) and shall be worn by each competitor centre back location.

The clock stops when the third person crosses the line for the men, or the second person crosses the line for the women. Therefore you can drop one team member without penalty during the race, or start with one fewer rider if you cannot pull together a full team or a team member is unable to attend.

Teams must ride together at all times except for the final kilometre of the race. Teams will be disqualified if less than 3 members remain together on the men teams or less than 2 members for women or juniors. Therefore if you start with one fewer member you cannot drop a rider or your team will be disqualified.

Dropped team members are to immediately and safely return to the start/finish line to report and shall not be permitted back on the course. Ride on the far right side returning to the start/finish line to not impede the teams racing.

Teams will not be permitted to start if they have too few members to stop the clock and obtain a time. Teams that do not stop the clock will be recorded DNF. Teams on the course for longer than 2 hours will be recorded DNF.

Race start is one foot on the ground for each rider. No assisted starts of any kind.


Sponsor prizes will be awarded to the highest placed teams dependent upon total entries in each category.