dEVa Warp Speed Time Trial / Team Time Trial

Results are in!

Come out and race to support the Escape Velocity dEVa women Cycling Program. A 20km Individual Time Trial followed by a 20km/40km Team Time Trial and of course the popular "Merckx Class" for people who want to do a time trial, but without all the bother of, well, a time trial bike.

Sanctioned by Cycling BC - Upgrade points available for TTT winners

Time: Sign-on from 8:30AM to 9:20AM. First start for ITT entries will be at 9:30 at one minute intervals. Start time determined by registration order with TTT team members doing the ITT getting the first positions. The Team Time Trial entries will start ten minutes after the last ITT entry at two minute intervals with order determined by the registration order. Race completion expected by 1:00PM.


Start line is on Townline Road approximately 50m south of Huntingdon Road. The course proceeds South on Townline Road and then turns right on 0 Ave. This is followed east until just before 272 St The turn around is about 100m before 272 St (in Langley). The course is then followed in the reverse direction to the finish line.

ITT entries will complete one circuit of the course.

TTT entries will complete one or two circuits of the course depending on your category.


  • ITT entries will be $30 per rider (pre-registration) $35 day of
  • Men TTT (3 or 4 riders) $30 per rider (pre-registration) $35 day of
  • Women TTT (3 or 4 riders) $30 per rider (pre-registration) $35 day of
  • Junior TTT (3 or 4 riders) $20 per rider (pre-registration) $25 day of
  • Merckx Class $30 per rider
  • U13 ride free if their parents are registered, $10 otherwise.

The entry fee entitles the rider to compete in either or both the ITT and TTT events.

CBC upgrade points WILL be available this year for people who win or place in their abilty category.

Contact: Stuart Lynne at 604.461.7532 or 604.518.1749 or via email at


Pre-register at today. The closing date for registration is Friday, May 7th at 12pm (noon).
>> Register NOW!

The Cost for on-site registration is the pre-registration fee plus $5. Please pre-register! Remember to include your Team name and contact.

All team members / competitors must carry a valid 2010 UCI licence regardless of origin, a Cycling BC Citizen Licence or purchase a one event Cycling BC insured membership for $30. One event insured membership will be available for purchase during sign-on.

Participants without a valid UCI or Citizen licence for 2010 or a one event insured membership will not be permitted to start.

No refunds for any reason.

U13 ride free if their parents are registered, $10 otherwise. Start at the turn around at about 9:30AM.


Each rider to sign-on and provide completed waiver. Sign-on between 8:30AM and 9:20AM.

US Riders

US riders with a UCI license are eligible to participate with no restrictions. Unfortunately, due to insurance issues, we cannot accommodate US riders with a USCF domestic license or unlicensed US riders.

Vancouver Island

If you are coming over from the Island by ferry, contact in advance so you can get a late start time.

Team Categories and Distance


  • Men Cat 1 / 2, 3, 4
  • Women Cat 1 / 2, 3 / 4
  • Junior Men / Women U15, U17, U19
  • U13
  • Merckx
  • Citizen

TTT - 40km

  • Men Cat 1 / 2, 3 / 4, Juniors
  • Women Cat 1 / 2, 3 / 4
  • Mixed (minimum 2 women)

TTT - 20km

  • Citizen
  • Merckx
  • Couples

Merckx Class

To enter Merckx Class, you must race without modern aerodynamic aids:

  • Your frame must conform to UCI road bike (NOT TT bike; yes, they are different) frame dimension rules
  • No aerobars (use drop bars, like Merckx!)
  • no skinsuits
  • no TT helmets
  • no shoe covers
  • Wheel rims must not be deeper than 30 mm
  • Scrunching yourself up into Obree's Mantis Position is also super-forbidden.

Course Details

Here's the Course Map and here's the complete marshalling and other details.

Course will be marshalled at corners and turn-around.

The road will not be closed; riders will need to take care as this is a team time trial format. Be aware of cars on the road and other riders. Stay to the right except to pass.

The lead rider is responsible for the safety of the team members drafting behind – please take this responsibility seriously.

The Yellow line rule will be in enforced. Individual riders or Teams will be disqualified for crossing the yellow line except as directed by a Traffic Control Marshall at a turn-around.

Time Trial Details

Warming-up shall not be permitted on the course at any time

Four race numbers per team (three for women and juniors) and shall be worn by each competitor centre back location.

The clock stops when the third person crosses the line for the men, or the second person crosses the line for the women. Therefore you can drop one team member without penalty during the race, or start with one fewer rider if you cannot pull together a full team or a team member is unable to attend.

Teams must ride together at all times except for the final kilometer of the race. Teams will be disqualified if less than 3 members remain together on the men teams or less than 2 members for women or juniors. Therefore if you start with one less member you cannot drop a rider or your team will be disqualified.

Dropped team members are to immediately and safely return to the start/finish line to report and shall not be permitted back on the course. Ride on the far right side returning to the start/finish line to not impede the teams racing.

Teams will not be permitted to start if they have too few members to stop the clock and obtain a time. Teams that do not stop the clock will be recorded DNF. Teams on the course for longer than 2 hours will be recorded DNF.

Race start is one foot on the ground for each rider. No assisted starts of any kind.


Sponsor prizes will be awarded to the highest placed team’s dependent upon total entries in each category.


The parking is at the packing plant, Townline Road and Huntingdon. Same as Start / Finish. We have a Google Maps version showing parking to guide you from the parking lot to the départ réel.

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Past Results

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2009 [Google Doc].
2006-2008 [Google Doc].
2007 TTT results [PDF]